Friday, December 11, 2009

A nice thing...

I have another blog post started with various minor things that are maybe a bit tough lately...but wanted to post about this instead:

Currently, part of our "go to bed" routine includes me nursing Sam on our bed, while Ben gives Katie a glass of milk in the living room and brushes her teeth. Most often Sam's still nursing when Katie finishes and they stop by the room and Katie stands by the door and says a variation of the same thing. Always "I love you", usually "I love Sam" and "Sam loves you too" (as I had said this back to her when she first started doing this). I'm not sure how much Ben prompts her as they walk to the door, but lately she's also been saying "I love you reading, I love you feeding Sam, I love books, I love you playing, I love you when we paint"...and maybe a few others that I've already forgotten. It's funny because you never quite know what she's going to say and sweet because you do sense true feelings (I think!).

And no matter what time we're waking up in the morning (4 or 5am), how much we don't like washing our hands or getting dressed to go out in -20C, how much we're falling on the floor... That goodnight always makes me smile.

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