Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm in the kitchen doing dishes and Katie comes in, not wearing pants because she took them off earlier. I'm ok with that since though it's -20C outside, it's quite nice inside. (Pick Your Battles)

She says "Hey mom, you stay here ok, I'm going to go pee all by myself!" (wagging her finger at me the whole time).

Cute things like this happen all day long.

Also...Sam is now comfortably pulling herself up to standing on whatever is nearby. And walking from couch to chair or person etc. if she's holding on to something. Kind of scary, but a wonderful sign of independence. Make no mistake, I mean wonderful for her, not for me. Seriously, we have come to the conclusion that we had no idea what childproofing was with Katie. I'll need that cloning thing they talk about to get through this upcoming toddlerhood.

(Katie's also a bit like my spy...she tells me when Sam starts to eat something off the floor...I love it!)

ALSO...while I'm here (doing this 2 second update) Sam officially grew her 4th tooth the other day! Yay! (or did I mention this already?). Back to the dishes!

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