Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone (and now Happy New Year too)!
A post in bullet format, or it'll never get done!

- The above is the best "together" picture I've gotten lately. With Sam crawling and cruising everywhere, she's not easy to get in one place and Katie either turns her head like she doesn't want her picture taken or tries to grab the camera to take some pictures of her own. Taken Dec. 23rd at Home Depot.

- Sam got her 5th tooth on Christmas Day...which explains (I think) her fussiness during Xmas Eve mass and Xmas morning (nap struggle).

- Katie did lots of Christmas baking

- Lots of evenings out! Lots of generous gifts!

- We listened to Fred Penner and Anne Murray CONSTANTLY.

- We made gingerbread houses with Jo-Anne and her girls G and C. They have a very cool trampoline, some dress-up clothes and Sam's first time crawling up stairs.

- Auntie Alli came home for a few days!

- Sam loves Peek a Boo.

- Katie fell asleep in teh car lots but still won't really nap.

- We walked a few blocks through Candy Cane Lane (lots of Christmas lights) and Ben and Katie caught snow on their tongues. Afterwards we went to a nearby church and looked at their (somewhat legendary) display of nativity sets/creches.

- Both girls had Christmas dresses.

- Sam practiced walking A LOT...she can walk with a walker toy now and cruises along walls as well as furniture. Gets up and down with fast fast fast.

Had a lovely holiday...busy with lots of fun and family. Many more pictures are coming. And more "bullets" if I can remember them. =)

See you soon (and hopefully more often) in this new year.

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Happyflower said...

YAY to see a post! I was missing hearing about you :) Happy New Year!