Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What a day...!

Today was a LONG day Katie-wise.

She had woken up a couple of times at night, which is no big deal really. By 5 minutes to 6am I heard her again and when I went in and checked I got the sense there was no going back to bed. But still wanted a little more snooze time. So I changed her diaper quickly (during which she cried because she was still tired I think) and took her to our bed where we cuddled. Oh what a nice 10 minutes that was. =) (there's some sarcasm there because 10 minutes when you're hoping for 30 is not very long)

She started to perk up and chat so we turned on the lights and played in the bed for another 15 min and then it was clear it was time for breakfast. Cheerios and milk. Yum!

After that (during which she wasn't quite entirely happy) we (apparently) HAD to read some books. These are the library books we got just yesterday. But the reading was like "Night Night Baby" (specific book request by Katie)...turn one page."Nooo" (we're done with that book now). And so on. All 10 books or so went like this. And there was some crying. And one book in particular, which has the song "Hush little baby don't say a word, mama's going to buy you a ..." (etc) which for some reason made her big lower lip quiver and she'd just start bawling more. It was so weird.

Most of this time dad was getting ready for work and still had the time and smarts to come up with the brilliant idea that maybe she was still hungry and Cheerios wasn't enough. (we've just really transitioned to cheerios as breakfast and are learning how much is enough, or what else should we serve with it etc) So we made her some toast and PB and that seemed to cheer her up a bit.

By this time it was obvious we were going to drive dad to work, for time reasons. She was still a crankypants but at least it was a bit of a distraction.

The day did get better...we had a play date with Megan and D at an indoor playground. We had a lunch at home which she seemed to enjoy eating. We had a good long (2 hour) nap followed by another playdate with Joanne and the girls.

This evening she was just a JOY...she was crawling around all over Ben as he layed down on her big bed. She giggled as he tickled her toes. She helped do some laundry...she listened to a couple of books and had a fun bath and went to bed so easily. Such a different baby.

I thought if the whole day went as did the morning I was going to go crazy. Thanks to friends and getting out and just trusting in my girl that this was minor and temporary things are much better now. I did also happen to stick a finger in her mouth at some point (yes I still do this randomly) and I suspect that perhaps all this was caused by an incoming molar. I would LOVE it if this was the case...for a minute there I thought we were getting into crazy toddler territory.

Oh, you want pictures? Here:
Katie's idea of cheese and crackers (yesterday afternoon's snack)...eat all the cheese, then eat the crackers.

On the way home from the library last night, reading a book in the car. (I swear this photo isn't staged...she insisted on taking the book home and reading it on the way home...what a good daughter of mine!)
And...what do crazy tired moms do while baby's nap? Make tiny baby socks (for a friend's new baby...will post more after we've chatted and ok'd the blog announcement)...so cute and one whole sock was done in a single nap. I may knit baby socks forever. =)Hope you had a great day...and have sweet dreams just like Katie is right now. =)

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