Monday, October 20, 2008

Another weekend

Hello! Weekend was lovely and busy...Saturday Ben and his dad worked on the basement and Katie and I worked on what I'm hoping will turn out to be an adorable Halloween costume. (well, more than hope it's adorable, I really just hope it's recognizable!)

Last week sometime Katie played with bubbles while I was doing dishes. She had lots of fun until I took the bubbles away after she started eating them. "No Eat Bubbles!"
While we were at Gram and Papa's on Saturday, Katie played with her new cobblers bench. She'll be knocking up drywall before you know it!
And she also helped Gram bake a pumpkin pie for Sunday dinner. (and now that it's Monday I can tell you it was delicious pie!)Sunday Ben requested French toast for was very yummy. Katie definitely enjoyed.
Sunday afternoon it was quite chilly but gorgeous and sunny, so, with seat belts newly installed on our "steal of a deal" second hand wagon, Katie and I went to the park.
Wee! The park turned out to be quite wet (I think just melting was SO frosty this morning!) and boy...I can see now why people make kids wear "play" clothes. I always thought this was a kind of prissy thing to do, but when your kid crawls around in damp sand and you cringe and worry about the pant knees (on second hand track pants...not even special "favorite" pants)...I'll admit, I get the play clothes thing now. Or I need maybe I just need to get a walking girl. Something.
Sunday we had the dinner at Papa's and Gram's...Turkey (again) because Gram loves to cook her own and have leftovers and turkey soup I think! Katie tested the whipping cream for pie:...Notice the post dinner belly...and it passed inspection, along with the pie itself.
Hmm...I think I mis-ordered some pictures here...and I hear Katie (not) I'll wrap it up anyway...Sunday morning Katie and I went shopping because though we had a mattress set up and the bedroom mostly cleared of toys, we didn't have sheets! We found some excellent Eric Carle sheets...Yay! We love lots of his books and usually pick up one at the library.
We tried putting her down to nap Sunday afternoon on the big girl bed...but the sheets were too much fun! She kept crawling around adn saying "Giraffe! Hi Hippo! Hi Lephant! Turkey! (I think she meant Parrot) Peacock!"She pretended to sleep but none was had. I'll have to put the plain sheets on and see if that's any better. And perhaps, once we get the last few things childproofed in her room we'll try nighttime sleep anf then try napping. We'll see.

So, we're still napping in the crib and this morning, I put Katie in the crib for a bit since she was kind of hyper/tired/whiny/cranky...she didn't nap, but when I went in a half hour later...
...this girl was clearly ready to get out of her PJ's and into the real world. (so off to Costco we went!).

Anyway...nto sure if she's sleeping or not so I'm off to check...have a good Monday!

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Auntie Alli said...

Super cute sheets for a super cute Katers!!!!