Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A few words...

My favorite things that Katie is currently saying:

"AhNeedYuhHelp": Said really fast, means "I need your help". Sometimes she also says "AhNeedKatieHelp" as in "Katie needs your help". Also sometimes we say this when we don't need help. Katie doesn't need help standing up or drinking milk from her cup, but sometimes, she just doesn't want to do it by herself. That's ok I's nice when we help each other out isn't it, even when we're all grown up? (Thanks for cooking dinner Ben!)

"Play With": When she wants to play with a specific something. Sometimes followed by the name of whatever she wants to play with. (Example, this morning it was "Play with phone") If not, be very prepared to scour the room to find what she wants because tears may soon follow.

"WhereIsIt": A game Auntie Andrea taught her last night, when we had dinner at Papa and Gram's (to celebrate Uncle Jerry's Bday...Happy Birthday!). We hide something, behind us or Katie and say "Where is it?" and Katie says it too and then we find it. She even started hiding things too a bit while we play. Very fun.

"RainbowBriteDoll": Did I mention that she'd found my old Rainbow Brite doll the other day? We had it in a box in her closet and she dug around (during "Independent Play Time" aka "Mom's busy in the kitchen, go play in your room")( of course I pop my head in every minute or so, don't you worry!) and found it and really enjoys playing with her. When we got in the car this morning she realized she forgot the doll and Cried and Cried...enough that we had to run back in the house quick and get it. I think Giraffe has some competition (or maybe he just needs a bath?). She talked to the doll most of the car ride to Papa's.

"Twinkle": This one, obviously means "Twinkle...little star"...but when she said it (because it's not really pronounced right) as I was holding her to say goodnight, I honestly could NOT figure out what she was saying. She kept repeating it and then finally started singing to herself "How wondeh what yoo are..."

Katie was quite hyper and over-tired this evening. The Papa Report said that she didn't nap this afternoon because she was being "Super Active Girl" (Supergirl's little sister?) and learning to crawl on to their couch...By Herself... and being generally super busy. She slept the whole ride to pick me up and the whole drive back to Papa's to drop him off and the whole ride home. Luckily a little pasta for dinner perked her up and some reading and a bath calmed her down before bed and she's been asleep for a good half hour. Sweet.

Also, almost forgot! The appointment yesterday with the Pediatrician went very well. She's good and healthy and a good size. (28.5 pounds and I didn't get the height) Turns out she's big enough that we should be moving her out of her crib so she can't fall out (shoulders above the sides of the crib) so we've got big plans in the next few days to rearrange her room and get a mattress on the floor for her. Lets cross everything and hope this is a quick and painless transition! We'll let you know, of course. =)

Hope you have a good sleep, just like Katie!

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