Monday, October 6, 2008

More Parks...and More

Well, I've written lots on the blog lately but have been a little lazy with pictures. So today you get lots of pictures and (I'll try) few words.

Katie's been working on her colouring again...getting better. Purple appears to be the favorite.
Grandpa stopped by last week. Katie enjoyed a cuddle with "Gwampa".
The weather last week was beyond spectacular...records broken I believe. So Katie and I went for a walk.
This lovely green field is the park they've been reconstructing to be a dry-pond for may remember previous pictures of the construction. They're not done yet, but the results so far are awesome!
After a bit of walking Katie insisted on getting out. I tried to get her to walk while "pushing" the Chariot, but she much prefers wearing out the knees on her pants. (and don't even ask why she won't crawl on the grass...I'd prefer grass stains to holes...we're tried, she won't go for it.)

As a reward for getting back in the Chariot (aka bribe) we stopped by the park on the way home.She loves crawling in and out and through these tunnels.The next evening, it was still gorgeous so the three of us went to a new park nearby. They had these cool saucer swings which we like.You may recognize the park from the video in the previous post. As well as "walking", she really enjoyed the "Big Steps!"Up and Down!The park also had a neat rubber bridge. (a style I've not seen before)Last week we were also lucky enough to meet up with Those _______ Girls for a spur of the moment pajama party (we mom's decided on a coffee date early and didn't bother getting the girls all dressed up). G and Katie sat together and read books.And all three girls had fun in the playroom.Later that day it was so warm that we wore a dress (could be a while before we can do that again!) but Katie insisted on wearing her boots as well. A "transitional outfit" shall we call it?Otherwise Katie has been great...had a bit of a cold near the end of last week and the weekend but has handled it well and still managed to sleep through most nights.

Grandma Cheryl was away for a few days visiting Auntie Alli, Uncle Shannon and Great Auntie Lori and brought back some treats for Katie. From Auntie Alli and Uncle Shannon...a bunch of great books, including her knew favorite "Clifford's Hiccups"...she loves it and asks for it by name. You should hear her say "Clifford" cute. I'll get it on video this week. And from Auntie Lori...some Tinkerbell wings...Katie doesn't know it yet, but I tested them out: And I think they are great!

Have a great day! (sorry...this was much wordier than I had's hard to post a picture without explaining it!)

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Auntie Alli said...

Winter boots and dresses TOTALLY go together. She's very LA, everyone here wears their Ugg boots and summer dresses. HA! Fashionista!!!