Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Weekend Part I - Wardrobe Malfunction

Hey all!

Katie and Ben and I had a busy weekend visitting with Alli and Shannon and have many pictures to share. First though, a quick post that I promised my sister Andrea.

Friday Katie and I were lucky enough to have another one of our "Social Butterfly" days. Coffee with Mrs. Ferguson and Henri and my dad. A lovely visit and wonderful for Katie to meet some special friends.

After coffee, we met Andrea for lunch at Boston Pizza. Service was a bit slow but lunch was yummy...Katie napped while we began to eat and woke up for her own lunch. Feeding her in public has gotten easier for all of us and I'm definitely a pro...or so I thought?

We ran into a gal I work(ed) with and her new son. I was so excited to see her that I wasn't really listening when Andrea said "watch out, her shirt..." and I glanced at Katie, who by this time was only wearing a shirt, having had a little mishap with her pants (Wardrobe Malfunction #1...and why we call her Thunderbum"!) and thought her shirt was fine and continued to stand up and greet my friend. It was then that I realized my sister had actually said "watch out, your shirt..." referring to my bright white bra on full display between the "convenient"(if you don't forget about them) nursing flaps of my shirt. My goodness...how embarrasing! (Wardrobe Malrunction #2)

Let's hope mom learns a good lesson...listen carefully to Andrea at all times. =)

Part II of the weekend to come later (Ben had strep throat all weekend making us a tiny bit behind in posting).


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