Wednesday, June 20, 2007


We had dinner last night and GG Dunnigan's...Andrea went out east last weekend to visit Sheldon and brought back Lobster! Cooking them was an interesting experience and they were super delicious! She also brought back a super cute t-shirt for Katie, but I don't have a picture of it yet...will post when we get one.

We've also, in the last few days, discovered that Katie is able to start imitating us...just a little. I stick my tongue in and out and then eventually she tries to do the same. I'll probably regret teaching her that when she's two and have to start teaching her that it's actually a rather rude things to do! =P

Another exciting Katie moment...(I'm excited at small moments!)...I sat her in her bouncy chair (one of two!) that has a toy/music attachment that reacts when she moves the toys. (music and lights when she hits the bird or monkey) She sat in the chair for about 30 minutes while I did dishes and she had lots of music going...whether the toys were being hit entirely by accident or not I can't tell, but I have a feeling she knew in some way that her movement was actually causing the music. Hmm...I will conduct further "studies" and let you know.
Here's a picture of Katie taken today wearing a super cure outfit...The model did not pose well for the camera but I thought I'd post it anyway. (no babies were harmed in teh taking of this picture)Tomorrow...Longest day of the year. I'm enjoying the light (it's still dusky right now at 10:25pm) but it is throwing me off a bit in the sleeping pattern. I have to remid myself that it's time to start getting Katie into bedtime mode. And myself too! Why am I blogging at 10:30? Off to bed!

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