Wednesday, June 6, 2007

All Smiles!

As you can see we're not lying, Katie really does smile now. This picture was taken while we had some "tummy-time"...practicing pushing up on our arms and legs. The quilt was a special hand made gift from my Auntie Elaine.

As usual we've been busy...errands and shopping as usual. The weather has cooled off thankfully...we're all more comfortable now.

Yesterday Ben and I went to the 40th Anniversary Edmonton Catholic School's All City Band concert. I am an alumnus and my Uncle Frank is the conductor...and has been for the whole 40 years. It was a great concert and a great "date-night". We left Katie at Ken and Cheryl's and they all had a great time..lots of smiles and fun and a Hungry girl when we returned.

Perhaps it was something in the air but our girl slept 6 hours in a row for the first time ever. We're pleased and not expecting it to continue (don't want to get our hopes up).

I was also able to bake a batch of muffins today...Strawberry Banana....a recipe off the web. They're not bad..not a lot flavour but ok. Good way to use strawberrys. Katie says "They taste great!" (just kidding, she IS amazing and advanced for her age, but of course she's not eating solids yet!) (nor does she actually talk) I even had enough energy after that to try a Strollercize class offered at the Kinsmen Sports Centre. It was neat to get out there and a nice challenge. some jogging/walking and strength training. Might be a nice place to meet other moms and playmates.
We'll see if tomorrow's as busy!

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