Friday, June 29, 2007

9 weeks

Katie is nine weeks old as of yesterday. Not too much new happening this week...I feel like this entire blog could consist of a list of who we visit but that could get boring.

She has grown so much that we have had to adjust the headrest on her carseat. At 25 inches (approx.) she only have 4 inches left until she outgrows the seat. We'll have to start looking for the next step soon I think.

She's still sleeping relatively well, which we're ALL enjoying! =) Katie's actually been SUCH a happy baby for the past week or two. Hardly any fussiness...certainly none without cause. Smiles a lot...we were at the Italian Centre Shop by our place and she gave a big smile to some old Italian grandpa...he was quite pleased!

We went to visit G Ken at school yesterday, to show her off to the ladies in the office. She was a big hit and smiling like crazy. I think this "technique" of distraction could definitely be useful if I ever decided to rob a bank. (Don' worry I won't, I know it's wrong)(...but ask me again come University tuition time comes around in 18 years!)

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