Wednesday, June 29, 2011

5 AM

The girls and I woke up early. 5AM. It's partly my fault....Sam was so tired from our busy day yesterday, playing at the legislature grounds (again!) and playing at the playground after and then playing dressup and other games with a friend who came over that she fussed at dinner time and wouldn't eat much of anything and then fell asleep on sitting next to me while I read Thomas to calm her down. At 6pm. And the girls have lately been going to bed maybe around 7:30 or 8 by the time they sleep. So, much earlier than normal.

Luckily I went to bed early (8pm...shockingly early)... as the day was tiring for me too, and so now being awake at 5AM isn't killing me like it might otherwise.

The girls are colouring Sesame Street colouring pages, (in my hopes that we can win admission to the Science Center's new exhibit, hee hee) and having fun. while they are doing this, they are singing/chanting...

Sam: "I want a bike, I want a bike, I want a bike..."
Katie: "But it's not as big as mine!"

They are colouring with you remember some of the issues I was having with markers a while ago? Did I tell you a threw most of them out in a huff of anger one time? (sometime last winter) Well, we bought a new batch around Katie's birthday and I'm SO pleased to see how well they've been treated. Sam still needs a fair bit of reminding about putting caps back on, but we've all worked hard to put them back in their box when we're done. The only problem we have now is that they're do so much serious colouring that the markers are drying out from overuse. I think we'll surprise them with new markers when we head off on our summer trip this year (no details about that for blog privacy'll know when we come back whenever it is!).

Speaking of colouring...have I told you how much Sam has improved? She holds the marker in a proper pencil hold and can colour a solid patch in a picture...she colours within the lines, but not completely in the lines, if that makes sense. She can also draw a circle and fill it all in.

Anyway. Hope my newspaper comes soon...We've been up for over an hour and I'm getting bored. =)

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