Saturday, July 2, 2011

More from before...

More pictures from before...

A playdate with some preschool friends.
Face painting done at the Children's festival in St. Albert...did I show you this picture yet? I can't remember...I've gone back and forth a bit now with photos and I'm confused (and too lazy to look it up on the blog). Sam didn't want any face painting.
She and our friend C were more interested in Jumpy Castles (for the record, I call almost all jumpy things "castles" even if they are not. I'm sure there was a castle themed one once, and now they all get called that!) The girls were so cute in their dresses!
Some action shots of Sam...jumping...
...and falling!
The weather was superb and we had ice cream in the sunshine!Which was great since went we went again on the weekend with Steph, Russ and W. it was freezing! (around 4C) And I think it rained too. =( But we still had fun.
And got our faces painted again. And had pancake breakfast instead of ice cream. Yum!
We weren't able to get balloon animals done since the line was long and took forever, so when we got home, I did up a couple of balloons for the girls. Sam wanted SuperWhy,
And Katie, a cat to go with her cat face. I did a bit of work for Auntie Andrea office at the University and Papa and Gram watched the girls. They girls had lots of fun, including enjoying ladybugs at the Muttart Conservatory. The girls were so excited to tell me about it! We went to the nearby mall again for ice cream ( a sure sign of summer!). Notice Ben wearing his new U2 shirt...from the concert we went to. It was AWESOME and though we got home really late, it was such a fun time and a really memorable event. We went to a family dinner at Auntie Gail's house, Auntie Jen was there too. She and uncle Ray brought chalk and little gifts for the girls that were much enjoyed!And Gram and Grandpa brought over the new bike they had found at a garage sale for Sam. She is so happy that she now has a big girl bike too! late to write more about what we've been up to this week. Trust me we've been busy, but in the best possible way! Really happy now that Ben is home for the summer.

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