Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More catchcup (not the red kind)

Some catching up...For some reason, I feel like parts of this batch of photos is out of order and I can't figure out which way they go and I'm not going to bother going through iPhoto again. Sorry! They are all taken mostly back in May.

Cheryl, reading to the girls.
Yay! Ben (who is a year OLDER as of yesterday! Happy Birthday!!) ran a half marathon at the end of May.
Sam and I went to ice cream instead of going to Katie's soccer one night...trying to avoid the mosquitoes. We discovered that the nearby pizza place no longer sells ice cream so we had to make do with big-ish tubs that Sunterra had. I won't tell you whether we ate it all or not. =)
The tulips that we planted at the beginning of the school year (given out by the preschool) grew! Look how much bigger everyone is! (the tulips and the girls!)
Sam, wearing one of our favorite dresses that Gram Cheryl brought back from Hawaii. It was really windy that day.
GG Mary helping us plant our garden...much has changed here...we have been eating green onions already! And we have a lot of weeding to do. We had a playdate with our friends C and her sister G (friends from strollercise).
We met at the playground in Hawerlack park but then it started pouring rain...
...and we ended up back at our friends house where the girls played dress up. Katie especially loves the shoes I think. Katie on the last day of preschool this year. Sam too.As well as Ben's birthday yesterday we celebrated Father's day on Sunday. We are lucky to have such great fathers and grandfathers around us and I'm grateful that our girls have these excellent men present in their lives. I see the joy in their eyes every time we hug Papa and Grandpa and every morning as they wish Ben a good day at work and when they welcome him home at the end of the day. Lucky us!

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