Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I have other photos to show you but I couldn't NOT post these from our wonderful day yesterday.

I've been working a tiny bit for the past week or so at the University...a little job for Auntie Andrea's office. Interesting to try work a bit and earn a bit of summer money. It's going well. Thanks to Gram and Papa for doing most of the childcare. Yesterday I didn't start work until after 4pm, so when Megan called saying "It's going to rain all week, let's take the kids outside!" I said sure.

We went to the Leg grounds, one of my favorite summer places. I don't think we went even once last year because I was nervous about watching two girls, Sam only being 1.5 and running all over the place. Yesterday, things were perfect and I was confident that the girls are old enough to handle the water and steps without me hovering beside them. (Mom likes to relax a bit you know!?)

Sam didn't want to wear a suit and Katie wore her new suit...we Finally found one that fits this long torso-ed girl! So beautiful, lots of trees and sunshine!
The four kids had a blast playing together. Walking up and down the steps, splashing in the water and playing pretend. Something about taking turns being the baby and mom/dad? They kept coming up to the sidewalk and lying down to go to bed.
On our way out (after our picnic lunch and more water time) we waded through the lower pool. I did end up going in with them, rolling up my long shorts in the water that went to my knees. (just to be close in case of a fall...Sam did trip at one point, but righted herself quickly...I was glad to be near anyway.)
Moms and kids had a super great time and I can't wait to come more often.
And today, it's pouring rain and gray. (shh...kind of refreshing and the garden will like it) That makes yesterday's adventure even better. =)

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