Friday, April 15, 2011

Snow again...

Well! Just when we thought it was spring! The day before yesterday, we could almost see all the grass on our front lawn...and then yesterday we had a huge dump of snow. I don't know how much but it must have been at least 10cm. Wet and heavy to shovel. Grumble grumble.

The other week Katie got dressed all by herself and then asked me to take a picture of her outfit. And then for some reason, intentionally gave me this face while doing it.
Sam reading in a chair...doesn't she look grown up in this photo?
Last week when the weather was nice and there were puddles everywhere we went for a long walk. It was beautiful and fun to get outside.
Rubber boots and spring jackets! (Katie is wearing her winter one again today, Sam is wearing two spring jackets.)
The next day we went and had lunch at Gram and Papa's and it was so nice out the girls wanted to go for a walk again. So I talked Gram into joining us for a walk to the playground. There was so much deep snow! the girls had trouble walking because they sank down so far. We may have gotten a little wet.
I really can't wait for playground season!

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