Sunday, April 17, 2011

From last weekend...Sam, getting caught eating soap in the bathroom. Doesn't she look also peaceful?
Last weekend Ben got creative and made the girls a cardboard box airplane. He actually made a car first and started to make the airplane when we realized we might need two vehicles, but the airplane was so much cooler (apparently) that no one then wanted the car. They did manage to share one vehicle.
Auntie Alli was in town visiting last weekend. She came bearing gifts!
Flowers and spring headbands and stickers a quilt and all kinds of goodies!
We had a great weekend with her and I'm so glad that she got to see some really great behaviour from the girls...Goofy, fun, smart, polite, crafty and all kinds of great ways that our girls are so awesome and I'm glad she got a good taste of it. This last picture (though we spent quite a bit of time together I must have had too much fun and forgot to take many photos) was taken just as she was saying goodbye and the girls were just about as hyper as they get.
Auntie Alli brought me a book about making Cake Pops...yummy little treats that can be spectacularly decorated... I made some the next day for the dinner at Gram and Grandpa's and though I kept the design simple, I think their cuteness is still pretty impressive. Don't be too surprised if I make these a few more times this spring!
Of the 268 pictures that I just took off the camera, Katie must have taken at least 200 of them...I let her take a few pictures and she just got the hang of it...she even knows how to slide the button back and forth between seeing the pictures you've taken and taking more. Clever kid. I'll show you a couple, but will spare you the pics of stuffed animals, dirt on the floor, and miscellaneous blurry things. She took this cute one of Sam. Auntie Alli brought the girls cute window clings/sticker-gel-things and the girls play with them every day...the play does include ripping the pieces (Sam) so they wont' be around long, but have been well loved. Katie put these letters up (Katie took these pictures too, after I showed her the macro setting):And told me they were on skateboards. This pic was taken on Thursday when we had the big snow. Honestly, the day before, that scene was just about all grass. Indie photographer Katie was shooting documentary style and caught this interesting exchange. Allow me to narrate:
Sam, the wild and daring 2 year old of the house is seen climbing over the couch...again. Mother rushes over and expresses great with a mix of great concern and fury that this is dangerous behaviour in the home environment and better suited to playground type environments. We can see in this shot of her posterior that the mother may have recently been indulging in the previously mentioned "Cake Pops" and other baked goods. The mother then sits on the desk used as climbing apparatus and expresses her delight at triumphing over the difficult behaviour of the sometimes trying two year old while also showing awareness that photographers were indeed, still nearby. The photographer, Katie, allows herself to be photographed and is wearing the new dress made by her mother. We appear to be quite proud of the photography skills and happy with the new ensemble. Expect more stunning photographs from this up and coming new photographer on this very blog soon.

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