Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Katie!

Happy Birthday Katie!

It's cliche to say this, but I cannot believe you're already 4...have you really been bringing joy to our lives for 4 years already? (and has it only been this long? Feels like forever!)

You took this picture of yourself with the camera last week. I think it is the best picture of your eyes I have seen. Such a beautiful mix of colours! You have grown incredibly this past year. You can write words if we spell them out for you and even can write Dad, Mom, Katie and Sam all by yourself. Your dad and I may have to start spelling words aloud in French soon (or Pig Latin) because you are getting the hang of spelling...the other day Dad spelled E-A-T and right away you said "Eat!?". Other words we cannot spell are Park, Snack and Bath. (well, we CAN spell these words, bu cannot count on you not understanding them). You can say your ABC's backwords with a little prompting, and can count with ease.

You are the greatest big sister I could ever want for Sam. You both enjoy each others company most of the time and the things that make you giggle are silly. "Sack of Potatoes" anyone?! You are also finding humour in potty language these days, though you have been pretty good at stopping when we ask. For example, when "making cake" you explain that it's "Blueberry Diaper Cake" ha ha ha. =) Speaking of blueberries...:
You are an excellent listener...I suspect it's something of an Oldest Child/Rule Follower thing...I love it and will try hard not to abuse it and let you have some fun.

I suppose your biggest talent these days is drawing. Your teacher at preschool has let us know time and time again that you have excellent colouring/drawing skills. (if I'm allowed to brag..."best I've ever seen in a 3 year old" is about what your teacher said). You drew this "Blueberry Man" (you named him) at dad's school on the white board.
And drew his friend (or brother? I forget) next to him upside down. I don't know but this seems pretty amazing to me. Apparently Dad's students were impressed too.
It seems like I am amazed every day with something you say or do. I can already see that you are kind and concerned about other people. You love to make friends and will run up to anyone at the playground and ask them to play. You voluntarily share things with me and Dad and Sam. You can definitely be stubborn and, like all kids, can get upset when you don't get what you want. You love to run and jump and are excited about starting community league soccer soon.

Your face was painted like a butterfly here because we went to our friend D's preschool Easter Egg Hunt/Penny Carnival...we had so much fun. It is a wonderful feeling to do things that make you happy.
We all love you so much! My biggest hope for you in the next year is that you continue to smile, be nice and funny and enjoy doing and learning all the new fun things that are coming your way.

Love and BIG Four Year Old Hugs,
PS...big hugs to Dad too...it's our 8th wedding anniversary today and I can't believe how fast the time is gone and how amazing you have been as a Husband and Father. That's all I can say about it...if I try and type more and explain, I just start tearing up because no words are good enough. =)


Megan said...

Happy birthday katie! :)(and happy anniversary to you heather and ben!!)

two is a pair said...

Yay! Happy Birthday!