Sunday, May 23, 2010

She sleeps!

So far a lovely weather though, it was sleeting/snowing this morning.

We've now had two nights with Sam sleeping on a mattress on the floor...and we were preparing to be up all night putting her back in bed. She has pleasantly surprised us and slept through the night (after about a half hour of chit chat and maybe crawling out of bed once or twice...we stand guard by the door for the first half hour). We're actually up more with Katie. (Bees keep getting in her bed somehow!)(nightmares) Sam looks so small lying on that big mattress. We do keep a gate up by the door so that if Sam was to wake up at night she can't escape. So far so good.

The other day I found Sam chewing on this:
And I swear I wasn't trying to wash her mouth out with soap...she isn't saying bad words just yet! I don't think she actually swallowed much, I found most of the bits on the floor.

When we went to IKEA last week to buy Katie's new bed (the old one has a crack in the frame and we kind of want matching ones for the girls down the road anyway) we had lunch. Yum!Wishing a very happy first birthday to Baby W, Russ and Steph's little guy. He turned one yesterday and they had a lovely party. Such an adorable little family and awesome friends.

Also, Ben and I had a little lunch date (though more like a work meeting..."we need to do this, this needs to get done..." than a romantic date, but it was nice) on Friday and we stopped in at LUSH on Whyte Ave and picked up a sample cream and soap that might be good for Sam's excema prone skin. However, I may have to go back and buy the cream all for myself because I absolutely love it. My hands have seemed really dry for ages now, what with all the dishes and washing hands going potty all day (Katie's and mine, ha ha) and this cream is doing some miraculous things to my hands. Not cheap but may be worth it. It's Dream Cream.

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