Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No Reason


No reason for the recent blog silence but the loss of blogging mojo. I've been tired (lots of 3rd birthday fun will do that to a mom) and reading more (Before Green Gables...anyone? You MUST read this if you love Anne.)

We've had no illness, all is well, things are sometimes fun sometimes frustrating and usually funny. I'll keep this post relatively brief so that I am motivated to post again in much less than a month. =)

Sam, playing peek a boo at breakfast time (and just yesterday she said "Break Fast" with both syllables! A little mumbled, but two syllables definitely).
A picture of the daisy cake my mom made for Katie's grown up birthday party.
And blowing out candles on the cake GG Mary made for her. She had a great party. Likes to wear her birthday had on the front of her head like a unicorn. No idea where she got that idea but it was definitely done on purpose as she refused suggestions of normal hat wearing.
Katie was spoiled with gifts and I don't really like playing Show N Tell with her presents, but I will show this one, from Auntie Alli. She calls it "Purple Buddy" and bounces around like a maniac. Loves it.
That Sunday was also the day that Ben and I ran our half marathon. It was excellent. A little cool which was good running weather. Our time was about 2 hours and 6 minutes. About 30 minutes faster than our last one together 4 years ago. There were a few big hills that we handled well but the last kilometer was a tease that ran us right past the finish line with no real concept of how far we had to run before turning back toward the finish line. Should have read the map more thoroughly. =) Overall, we were a bit sore but happy, the perfect way to feel after a half.

The day after, on Katie's actual birthday (which was a bit anti-climactic given the two other parties etc) was gave her our gift, a sand and water table. We didn't put water in since it was freezing that evening. (It's a steamy 30 degrees here today, so things have changed a bit...and in between we had a huge spring snowfall with snow that stuck around for almost a week!)
Lately it seems like I've been doing a lot of driving in the afternoon, where the girls will fall asleep and I"ll get a drive through coffee and drive for about an hour. Sherwood Park one time, MillWoods the next...waste of gas and bad for the environment, I know, but for a while it just seems as if Katie needed the afternoon nap and wouldn't get it any other way. And I'm talking maybe once a week I do this. Not every day. Anyway...this was in the Superstore parking lot:Sam hanging out with me in the front seat while we waited for Katie to wake up. This was Katie sleeping:The day after this, we changed Katie's car seat to a booster seat as we had her weighed recently and she's 42-44 pounds (depending on the scale), definitely over the 40 pounds limit for her car seat. We just had to take out the 5 point harness, un-latch the seat from the and now we just use a regular seat belt. Katie was pretty excited, but I think Ben and I were even happier to not have to deal with the 5 point harness...those things, though safe and good I'm sure, are a pain. I've also been spending a bit of time sewing (rather, learning to sew)...with the basement done, the extra room has become a sewing/craft/storing grown up books room. This is the dress that I made for Katie from an old men's shirt. The tutorial's on line at Craftster here. I think she does actually like it, but the toddler in her resists wearing it much. She's definitely a wear what she wants to wear girl. And one last picture of our new "princess tent", a birthday gift from Auntie Andrea. Both girls love it and usually part of every daily basement visit involves chasing each other in and out of the tent. Often with screaming and giggling. And...otherwise...things are good. Katie's 3 yr check up went well...she's healthy as can be. Dr. recommended a new parenting book to try for discipline stuff, 1-2-3-Magic. I'm still reading it, but we may try it when Ben and I are both in the know with the procedures. Let you know how it works. Sometimes lately, Katie's been really great...most times perhaps...it's just dealing with common toddler behaviours that I sometimes struggle with...whining etc. We're dealing with it. Her imagination has been in full gear lately too...lots of pretend play...I guess this isn't new, but I think I've been more aware of it lately. Trying to get myself more involved in it with her, to play with her more. It's fun that she's able to create anything anywhere, but can be brain taxing for me.

Sam...wow, this girl is growing. She actually runs a bit now. Got another tooth (that's 13 now). Is getting some more excema now that the weather's warming up ( I think that's why...just like last summer) and I'm using the same prescription cream to spot treat that we used last year. Definitely helping. She also had a weird reaction on her face (May 3rd, for the record)...swelling around her eyes and a red bumpy mask-like rash on her face and near her eyes. Gave her an oral antihistamine and went to the Dr and he said isn't just a contact dermatitis thing. Something she touched may have caused the reaction...she haven't changed any soap or anything so who knows what it was. It's better now and we're not really worried but keeping an eye out for things. She's talking more...Please, breakfast, and a million other things it seems...I've heard her try to say cucumber even. It doesn't sound like cucumber, but it's 3 syllables in a way that mimics the word. She'll get there. She's also, we've just noticed that she's tall enough in her crib that we should be moving her to a bed on the floor (chest height apparently is the time to move them). We'll be tackling this this weekend...you may hear about that.

Anyway...that's plenty more than I intended to write but it's been fun. Hopefully not to boring or rambling for you. Will try and post again soon.
PS...Oh yes, I've been cooking/baking too lately. Really, you HAVE to make this. And this. And this.

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