Monday, May 24, 2010

Long Weekend!

Our long weekend was cold and sometimes rainy...but also altogether lovely.

These pictures are from when the girls played in the pool at Gram and Grandpa's LAST weekend when it was very hot. Good times!
Some things...

The good sleeping may have been a fluke. (really, I just shouldn't be looking for a pattern yet after 3 nights in a new sleeping arrangement) Last night, Ben and I stayed up REALLY late (midnight) to watch the all important series finale of LOST (we love...!) and then were both pretty wired and had trouble getting to sleep right away. Then both girls were up several times during the night and so we woke up exhausted this morning. Yay coffee (poor Ben, doesn't drink it)!

Katie has taken to calling me "mum-a-jum" kind of like how we call Sam "Sam-a-jam"'s kind of silly but I kind of like it. Part of it's the way she says it...this casual, like it's my real name, "come watch me mum-a-jum!". I'll probably get tired of it in a few days.

We had a really nice lunch today at Gram and Papa's to celebrate Papa's Birthday (tomorrow) and their wedding anniversary (today). It was just cool enough to want to eat inside but warm enough to visit by the pond afterward.

I made a great banana bread this weekend too. Starts out like a normal banana bread and then you add a 1/2 cup of coconut...really lovely.

There was something else I was thinking of sharing but I've completely forgotten...I'll try and remember for next time. See you soon!

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