Monday, January 11, 2010

Some old...

Pictures...from over the holidays. Typing one handed today, nothing in order.

The end of the Christmas tree:Katie painting.
The girls in new clothes playing with new toys.
Sam, Christmas day at Gram and Grandpa's.
Sam with Auntie Alli.
Katie Xmas day playing with a new favorite farm set...pieces too small for Sam, it's an "at the table only" toy. And a "Don't Drop the Tiny Carrots!!" toy. =)
Dad and Katie reading our new favorite book...Big Words for Little People by Jamie Lee Curtis. She has some awesome books. (I'm Gonna Like Me, is another good one of hers.)
Sam eating a great new Giraffe.
Sam at Gram and Papas Christmas Eve.
Katie playing with a new old toy...another new fave.
The girls hugging.
Nice Hugs!

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