Friday, January 22, 2010

New Year

Here's a nice photo we took of all of us on New Years Eve. (Katie and Sam's Rockin Bed at 7:00 New Years Eve) This may be one of the only photos I can think of with all 4 of us in it.
And a picture of the girls.
How are you? We are good.

It's the Big Birthday Weekend...Sam is a year old on Sunday and I'll be about...30 years older than her on Monday.

We found another new tooth on Sam yesterday...on the bottom right. That's 7 total now! She does have a cold and so we thought her fussy lately because of that but now that we see the tooth it makes even more sense. She's SO close to walking. She can take one, sometimes two quick steps to grab onto someone or something, but really wants to grab. She was walking along the couch yesterday evening so fast it was almost like she was running! I even wonder if she's walked more when we're not looking. It's an exciting time!

Katie's getting bigger and more wonderfully eloquent all the time. I'm always amazed at the sentences and observations that come out of her mouth. Things have been a little less stressful lately (this week...don't ask about last week!). For a few days there Katie seemed so uncooperative. So I decided to do a few things to hopefully make life easier. Such as giving ourselves an hour to get ready to go instead of the usual half hour. This way, if Katie takes forever to put her boots on (by herself!) or balks at putting socks on, I have time to wait it out. Of course, when I did this yesterday, we ended up being a half hour earlier at strollercize than I really it's not a foolproof plan. I'm such an on time/early person that I get really irritated when I'm running late or even just FEEL like I'm running late. Not a great thing to be when you live with an adorable toddler.

We still strollercize three times a week. Katie loves running around before and after and Sam loves trying to push the Chariot...she thinks it's another of her walking toys. (I should clarify...I don't really let her walk with it...she only tries to push it with teh brakes on) Ben and I have signed up to run a half marathon in late April, so we run by ourselves on Sunday mornings, enlisting grandparents as's an arrangement that I think everyone enjoys!

We went sledding for the first time a couple of weeks ago (I'm behind on uploading the pics) and Katie had a ton of fun. I have some great pictures to share. We also tried going to a gymnastics place (is there a name for it? A gymnastics gym?) for their drop in time. I dragged Gram along with us, which was super helpful when we arrived at 11:20...40 minutes earlier that the noon start time for drop in. I got the time wrong! We stuck it out and actually Katie did really well and enjoyed watching the kids that were in class...some about her age. Sam was sleepy but managed not to be too fussy. When it was our turn, Katie had all kinds of fun running and jumping. Even went on some trampolines! She did insist on doing all her trampoline bouncing on her knees. (except for once or twice when she stood up on her feet and grabbed onto my legs) I think it'll be a fun place for a play date with other friends.

I plan on posting again tomorrow to celebrate our birthday girl, so see you soon!


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Megan said...

happy birthday sam!! can't believe you're one already!

love meg, rob, davey and matthew!

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