Monday, September 29, 2008

So Sad

I'm so sad right now...we just took a dozen board books back to the library this morning. What a good batch they were...I almost want to go out a buy a few of them, but the point is to return them isn't it?

A moment of silence as we say goodbye to our favorite books of the past three weekst:

10 Rubber Ducks (Eric Carle)(this one is long, doesn't rhyme and we didn't like it in the beginning, but eventually it became the favorite!)

Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs (Sandra Boynton)

Mommy Hugs (who doesn't like mommy hugs?)

Daddy Cuddles (see previous comment but insert "daddy cuddles")

Silverly/Goodnight Goodnight (somehow this one got read to the tune of "Jingle Bell Rock")

I'm a Little Teapot (which adds the extra line to the traditional lyrics: "Party Time!")

Corduroy Goes to the Dr. (we've enjoyed a number of follow up books to the original Corduroy, which we do own)

There are a few I said we did return a dozen and she enjoyed most of them. Let's hope that, although Katie has memorized most of the words and specifically requests these books when we sit down to read, she forgets entirely that they existed and remains happy with her personal library.

(PS...this is not a plea for gifts...we have many books and just have to go during open hours (today? tomorrow?) to get a dozen more...we're just going to miss this batch in particular)

I'll try and post more later about some of the topics I teased you about last week...just had to share this first. Happy Monday morning!


Anonymous said...

I suppose Katie is too young still for the Bearenstein Bears? Those were my favorite when I was little...
Keep up with the reading! And give her lots of love from us!


Anonymous said...

I sent some fun new books with Mom. Hope you enjoy them!!
Auntie Alli