Friday, September 12, 2008

A Day at the Park

A few weeks ago Katie and I went fabric shopping with Grandma Mary but we were early and the store wasn't open yet. So we went and found a nearby park! We really lucked out...while we knew there was a park here, we didn't know that a new park had been built beside the old one!

Strangely, Katie refused the swings (a usual favorite) so Gram tried to put her in a car type bouncy seat.
This is Katie clearly telling us "No" and asking to be taken out.
What she really wanted was to be put down in the sand with the warm sun on her face. She's a smart girl with a keen eye for sand..this park had the nicest sand I've seen off of a beach in the south of France. Fine and soft!
She sat under a bridge and Gram peaked down at her through the holes.
And she peaked right back up at Gram and said "Hi!".

There were also some fun slides...though she was more interested in playing with the sand at the bottom of the slide than actually sliding.Gram tried another slide and Katie enjoyed that too!Slide number three was a bit higher and perhaps that's why she REALLY didn't like that one.After sliding, we let her crawl around and go where she pleased.Peek a Boo!This little ladder was a neat shape and she enjoyed looking through the holes.This park was super fun and we'll have to go back some time. I'm sure it helped that it was sunny and just warm enough.

Hope you have a nice weekend!

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