Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All Better!

Well, we've all mostly recovered from the cold from last week. And even better, we've gotten our internet back again! (we had minor technical difficulties which have been resolved thanks in big part to Russ...Everybody say "Thank You Russ!"

Lots to tell...not a lot of time today..let's see where we can get to.

Katie's still cute...and growing up a lot these days.
She's been crawling on two hands, one knee and a leg...kind of like this. And at papa's for dinner on Sunday night, she actually got on her hands and both feet twice for a few seconds...kind of crab meets downward facing dog. Walking by Halloween I'm thinking.
I was struggling to get stuff done in the kitchen some time last week and realized that Katie + High Chair + Crayons = 45 min of uninterrupted time. Yay! She's a little light handed with the crayons still but was making some marks.
And we're in love with our silvery shoes...(apologies...this shouldn't be sideways but I don't have time to fix today)...puts them on and off and calls them her standing shoes (says "stand" when she's wearing them).
It's fall and the fall colours are out (and going fast)...I tried taking "Fall" pictures last week while at Papa' was sunny and nice, but there weren't many leaves down, so I tried to get some trees in the picture too. This is why I'm not a professional photographer. (she's fuzzier than the leaves...but wouldn't it have been the greatest picture?)

This one's not bad:
We decided then that it was a bit chilly so put on her jacket for the rest. She's still very good at balancing with her legs in the air.
And of course, still in love with Giraffe. We tried to find another one (he's a dollar store toy) but have had no luck. You'd be our best friend in the world if you found him somewhere and bought us at least 4 more. Thanks! =)Papa's not just a pretty face...he's smart too...and took pictures to show off the Thursday playgroup.Lots of toys and kids!What's also All Better these days, is the long awaited return of Uncle Sheldon. Yay! We're all so happy he's home but I think I know who's happiest!

Yesterday we had a superb day...finally made it to the Museeum with Joanne and C and G. It was nice and clean, not too busy (very quiet actually) and the girls had lots of places to run around. Katie got out of her stroller and joined the girls to play with trains and boats.And everyone loved the fish!And we sat in a teepee. It was after this that Katie decided she didn't want back in the stroller...I thought, well things seem clean I let her crawl around after the girls. Not a bad solution...teh girls even started crawling too for a bit. Of course, it wasn't until I got home that I saw how dirty that floor must have been...light pink pants and public carpet...not a good match. Birds and birds nests!And at the end...snack time! Lovely cafe with excellent, inexpensive baking.
I have more stories to tell, but also a Katie to get to...remind me to tell you about the following:
1. The bagina story
2. Bob Marley
3. Veggie strike
4. Arms up
5. General language phrases
6. Standing in crib
7. Oh my goodness I'm sure there's more...later!

PS...not going back to edit today...ignore the typos.

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Great post. Cute
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