Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A busy weekend and now some sniffles

We had a lovely busy weekend. And pictures from the week to share as well.

We tried out Katie's tunnel the other day...took a bit of convincing to get her to climb through it but if anyone could convince her, it was Giraffe.
We also went to the library to exchange our books and Katie was so enamoured that afterwords she had to take a couple with her while we went shopping for groceries. (Of course, what I really mean is she cried when we tried to take the books away so we gave in and let her bring them in...all the while praying "don't lose the library books...!")
Katie was a big help in the kitchen this week (ignore the "tails"...I forgot to button up her onesie/shirt and when I did realize it, decided I didn't care). The chair was my solution to a very big day of "Up! Up! Up!"...my arms were tired! And it's hard rolling out pizza dough while carrying a big girl on one arm (you don't think I tried?).
So Katie "helped" but didn't quite get the fact that the dough wasn't cooked yet.
The result though, was fantastic! I don't know if she understood that she had helped make the pizza that we ate for dinner but I like to think you can't start sharing kitchen experiences too early.

She's also graduated to getting her own drawer in the kitchen. I moved some stuff around (because cheese graters for little girls aren't great) and Ta-Da! A drawer full of plastic, just for Katie!Her favorite is this lid, where the yellow part pops open and closed to reveal a Katie finger sized hole! There may be a cute video of this coming soon!Giraffe - still Katie's main squeeze this week.Saturday turned out to be quite busy...starting with breakfast with Grandma Cheryl and Grandpa Ken at the High Level Diner. ("Table for four adults, one little girl and one giraffe please!)
Afterwards, we went to an Outgrown It sale (tis the season for the sales again!) and picked up a cute table (see below) but we barely had time to drop it off at home before we were off again for brunch with Russ and Stephanie. They hadn't seen Katie in a while and were impressed with how much she'd grown (and her cute pigtails). We had a nice time catching up...thankfully, a very patient Katie was kept busy playing with the seatbelt on her high chair for quite some time.
While Katie napped as soon as we got home, Dad cleaned her brand new (old) table! It was a good deal and folds up nice and flat. It'll stay folded until the basement is done and we have more playroom space for Katie. I think it'll be a great art table and even a kids table for dinner paties (all those dinner parties we have).Sunday we popped over to Grandpa Ken and Grandma Cheryl's for lunch. Katie sat ourside and played with adorable little chairs...And Grandpa took her for rides in the wheelbarrow (she LOVES this). (sorry the pictures are funny...it was so bright and sunny!)I'm not really sure what she was doing here...but thought it was cute!
After all this busy weekend Katie has developed a wee sniffle (sneezing, a minor cough). Not enough to keep her from sleeping, but enough that my morning was spent chasing after her with tissues. While the cold has stopped us from going to the museum with Joanne and the girls (next week perhaps?) it didn't stop us from going to Costco. Even a sick Katie loves Costco. =)

Really I think she's getting better already...I didn't need quite as many tissues between when we got home and when she went down for her (hopefully 3 hour) nap. Let's nip this one in the bud, shall we? We'll let you how we're doing next time...Enjoy your day!

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