Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Science Girl

This morning, we are staying home because we have no plans and a hint of a cold coming on...myself and the girls. Lots of nice free play time. Katie has already counted a bunch of coins which I helped her multiply and figure out how much money she had. She wanted to know how much I was charging for lunch and could she afford it. (I wish!)

Now she has moved on to making her own scale...balancing a tray on our Bosu (an exercise ball type thing). She has put various objects on each side to see which is heavier. So simple but so complex...don't you think?

Sam is wearing a pair of butterfly wings and has, twice this morning, with encouragement, managed to get her own new panties and put them on herself. (we've had a few more wet panties lately...she's backsliding a bit on potty training...I think normal, we'll just keep encouraging her independence.). This is a task I know she can do but so often she asked us and we do it because it is faster. No more. I say "I KNEW you could do it!" and her proud smile and jumping tells me to relax and let her take the extra time to do it right.

We have us some lovely girls.

So far I have got bread dough rising and made a fresh pot of coffee. Maybe time to get to my laundry? Probably...with some Q the background I think. :)

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Alli said...

That sounds like a lovely day...can I bring muffins over and we'll spend the day catching up?