Monday, October 3, 2011

Best Bathtime EVER (and other stories)

Late last week, when we had all had a longish day, Ben became SuperDad and came up with a new game.

While the girls we in the bath he started telling them NOT to wash themselves in a fake angry voice. "Don't you grab that soap...Please don't wash those definitely not the other foot...". It sounds silly I'm sure, but the girls were beside themselves with laughter. And seriously, I've never seen them wash themselves so thoroughly.

It was nice to all be laughing and enjoying the big joke. Happy family tie for sure.

We had a nice weekend too...I met my friend Megan for a spin class (which as it turns out was full so we just did a workout instead). At the same time, our husbands took the kids to the indoor playground. Win-win I think! And again, good family time.

The photos below are from end of summer and September. I don't know how yet to get the text in between the photos.

Ben with the girls sitting on a little waterfall at the Leg grounds.
Katie and Sam on Katie's first day of preschool this year. Katie insisted on wearing the hello kitty dress which is WAY too short to be acceptable for school so I worked hard to convince her to wear a skirt underneath. I think I even hiked up the skirt I was wearing to show how short hers was and see if she thought I should go out with a skirt that short. Weird but it worked. :)
The girls taking the LRT to church one Sunday morning. They Loved it.
The girls and our friends C and baby G at our new favorite playground which is the biggest I've ever seen and has a great spray park. The girls are sitting in a manmade rock cave...nice and cool. We didn't really discover this park until the end up summer, but we were there more than once a week, especially in the warm early September weather we had. Lovely.

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