Monday, October 10, 2011


Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we sure had a lovely one. We decided this year to host babies are now girls and that makes it easier (theoretically) to find the time and energy to cook a turkey. And, since we are not the most experienced with the gigantic meal planning, we asked everyone to help out and bring a dish. Both sets of grandparents, GG Mary and GG Lill, Auntie Andrea and Uncle Sheldon, and G auntie Gail. 13 all included. We took care of the turkey and potatoes, though admittedly had help with the turkey from my mom who came by in the morning to remind me how to make the stuffing etc.

In the afternoon, before company came, Ben and Katie went out to find some decorations...for some reason, she had been very interested (obsessed?) with getting a centerpiece for our table. They came back with some plastic fall leaf arrangements perfect for the table. Later, Ben said how much fun it was to go shopping with just her and how thrilled and proud she was to choose the decorations.

While they were gone, I helped Sam work on decorating the place cards. This is a job I remember doing often as a kid. I started trying to get the girls working on them the day before but they weren't interested. As it was, I wrote the names on and Sam coloured the letters, just about obscuring some of the names. I brought out some fall themed stickers that we had too, thinking Sam would love to stick them on (she does really like stickers) but she didn't seem interested. So, I may have stuck all the stickers on myself, in a haphazard manner that made it look like the girls had done it. I don't think anyone noticed. :)

The girls had a good time...Sam ate a ton of cabbage rolls and turkey (she has been a picky eater lately so i was glad to hear she ate something) and Katie ate lots as well.

Dinner was delightful. Food and company were perfect and I really felt so thankful for all that we have. Health, food, home, love, friends and family...doesn't get much better than that.

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