Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The great Mysteries of Motherhood

Why are there banana peels all over the house? (Sam has recently learned to get bananas off the counter and peel them and eat them whenever she wants. This has obviously resulted in some teaching about asking for food.)

How can a house get so messy so fast? (2 kids and a mom who loves to bake, cook, read, sew and knit.)

Why have there been so few blog posts? (see above)

Who loves school? (Katie! 3 days a week now with the same teacher but in a new location this year.)

What happened to summer? (The most fun things ever...spray parks, picnics, playmates, time with dad, ice cream, mom doing yoga almost every weekday in August, babies being born (baby A, big brother to our friends D and M), splashing in the water at the Leg grounds, staying overnight at our friends lake, trips to the farmers market, and on andonandonandon)

Who loves playing dress up? (Katie and Sam!)

Who can pump herself on the swings? (Katie!)

Who misses dad the most, him having gone back to work in September? (No one, we all miss him a whole lot!)

Who finally maybe figured out how to blog on the new iPad? (Me!) (but apparently still cannot figure out how to post pictures and will have to take some time to do it on the old laptop.)

Who loves that friends and family were so concerned about the lack of blogging but also polite enough not to say much about it? (Me! you guys!)

Why is my formatting not showing up? (I don't know!)

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