Saturday, April 17, 2010

Getting Ready...

...For Katie's 3rd Birthday Party (The Kid Version) this afternoon.

- The house is tidy.
- The fridge is full.
- There are balloons all over the house.
- 21 people, 9 of whom are 3 or younger. Yikes!
- Trying not to get the girls TOO excited.

- Sam has been eating a lot of crayons. (ick)
- Sam loves wearing her jacket (any jacket, inside or outside).
- The weather's getting nicer. (high of 23C today!!)
- Katie got a cute haircut.
- Katie's been waking up and crawling into our bed at night...we're tackling the problem.
- Katie's also been a little...spirited lately. We're trying to figure out how to work with this as well.
- Katie got a new bike's PINK! (for her tricycle.
- We love going to the park.

Oops...better go, Ben thinks I'm cleaning the bathroom. =)

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