Thursday, April 8, 2010

For Real...

Hello again!
A real post, with real pictures.
The couch (that came later on the very first day we had a playroom), the hard workers and the playroom recipients:
One of the best looking ponytails Katie's ever had:Katie was so excited to help dad do some yard work! She helped clean up some of the pinecones out from under the trees. Earlier in Easter week, we decorated Easter eggs. As well as dying them, we did colour some with wax patterns (nothing like a traditional Ukranian Easter egg...maybe some year we will!) and adding stickers and shrink-y wrap things. They all came in the package and it was a fun activity! We have lots of leftover dye idea if I'll remember where I put them when next year comes around...maybe I should find another crafty use for them? Katie had lots of fun with this and we all enjoyed egg salad sandwiches Easter Monday...I blew out 4 eggs and hard boiled cheeks hurt for days after the blowing...I need a gadget like this next year!The new skirts I knit for the girls. Originally they weren't meant to be Easter skirts, but they were Easter colours and when I finished the knitting Thursday night, I knew I could put in the elastic waistband in on time for Good Friday church and it was a done deal. Easter skirts for the girls! Hopefully they will want to wear them on regular days because they're too cute to only wear once!We bought the girls new sunglasses for spring.This appears to be about the only picture I got of the in their Easter Sunday dresses. Gram and Papa took the girls to church as Ben and I went for a big 20km run. (The race is April 25th...coming soon!) Later in the day we went shopping and the girls sat in one of my all time favorite chairs...this big cozy round one. They have a bigger one that could practically fit the four of us. I imagine all the cozy book reading that would go on in this chair. But, too much money and not at all practical! We had nice weather a few days ago, so we took the wagon to the park. Fun fun fun!And took some cute pictures of the girls sitting on dad's lap, like this one. Sam has finally broken through her 4th baby molar...hope better spirits come with it! She's been talking a bit more...says something now that is definitely a version of "Please". The girls are having more fun playing together all the time. Peek a boo games and Chase games...who know's what the other games are...but they laugh!

We had a wonderful and busy spring break with Ben home. Went swimming to the playground, flew a kite, had some nice home cooked meals and just generally had a really great spring break. And although there's some kind of crazy blizzard going on outside right now, warm weather and outdoor fun is definitely on it's way for good...soon...I think...I hope! =)

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