Monday, August 18, 2008

More hot...Send ice cubes!

It is very hot right now. Something above 30C for sure. We've got fans going and are drinking lots of water. Trying to stay cool. Hoping for a trip to the pool but not sure if we'll have time tonight.

Just to show that Katie's not entirely perfect, here's a moody picture...I'm pretty sure it was pre-bedtime. Cute even when she's cranky.
Cranky, but nothing a little book and a cuddle wouldn't fix.
The next day, Katie modeled a new-ish shirt. It was cooler earlier in the week. This was Tuesday night right before she went out for dinner with Papa, who was babysitting her while Ben and I went to see the Tom Petty concert with Auntie Andrea. The concert was super and we had a great (rockin') time!
Dinner with Papa was at my cousin's place (have to ask about naming them on the blog) and Katie came home with a huge bag of clothes...they are so adorable and I think many will fit. Thank you! Here's one dress...
And a goofy girl to go with it.
Katie looks like she was helping do laundry, but you shouldn't be surprised to learn it was actually a very fun game of peek a boo. (will this game EVER get old? Doubt it!)We've also been busy watching Olympics. Katie enjoys the swimming and the horse jumping (is there an official name for that? Equestrian something...?).But the thing Katie's been enjoying most these days is Raspberries! We were picking tons off our bushes and she KNOWS the word raspberry and says it All The Time. We often pick one on our way out to the garage, so as soon as we head towards towards the car she starts getting excited and saying "rahz bury" (that's kind of how it sounds...and you have to say it pretty fast.)All Gone!Friday after Ben and Katie picked me up from work, we stopped by the Upper Crust for dinner. The waitress was lovely and having kids of her own, knew we'd be ordering a fruit cup. Katie (new word alert!) added a very clear "Thank You" when Ben thanked her for the menu. Their patio was lovely and cool. Ben was glad to have Bear along. (practicing for a family of four maybe?)Over the weekend we went to Grandpa Ken and Grandma Cheryl's. There was ice cream as evidenced by Katie's little mustache.
There was some fun crawling around on the grass.And plenty of blanket time with Grandpa too. Yesterday, before we realized it was hot enough for it to be a "no clothes for baby day" was wearing one of our favorite dresses of the moment.She crawled around and then had some quiet time, taking all the books off the shelf and then reading them. Good times. Other things we've been doing include bike riding, watching more Olympics, accepting an obscene number of dinner invites to grandparent's houses, waking up to the loudest thunder I think I've ever heard (last night, not Katie, just dad and I woke up), making my own maternity skirts (with Grandma Mary's help), napping, swimming, and doing a tiny bit of laundry. Really just doing out best to enjoy the rest of summer.

Hope you are enjoying the rest of yours!

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