Monday, August 11, 2008


Well, finally it's cooler today...a nice change from the 30+ degrees we had when most of these pictures were taken.
We were at Grandma Cheryl and Grandpa Ken's for dinner the other night (Ben had spent the day working on hardwood floors at their place). We had corn and gave Katie the cob to chew on.
She liked it!
Dad tried to show her how it's done, with two hands.
And Katie sort of gets it...hard to eat much between those hands so close together though. =)
After dinner she sat with Grandpa Ken and drove around a bit (with the cork trivet from IKEA...we have tons of these at our house too!).

Afterwards, we resumed our places as before dinner out on the blanket in the shade in the yard. We were eating popsicles for dessert and Katie had a tiny "nick" (lick). Ben and his dad look ready to relax after a hard days work!Katie had so much fun rolling around on the blanket. Entertaining herself easily...I like that in a baby. I almost forgot to mention...Great Grandma Lill's dog Boo was there, and it was lots of fun watching her chase after balls in the yard. We also had dinner at Grandma Mary and Papa's the next night, but silly me I forgot the camera. Trust me when I say we had lots of fun there too. (word might have gotten out that we're having some minor trouble with our BBQ)

Today, nice and cool...see Katie wearing shirt AND pants?! She was also sporting a super adorable ribbon barrette (one of a pair), handmade by Uncle Shannon's mom.
The close-up is fuzzy since Katie wouldn't stop moving! I'll try and get a better picture next time, but it's so cute. Otherwise things are going very well. Katie's naming everything she can...can say high chair when she sees her, "some-thing", star...the list goes on and on. The list on the right of the blog isn't at all current and I don't think I can keep it up since there are so many words. "Hi" is still the current favorite.

Also, thanks for all the comments on the last post. I read them all out loud to the new baby, but I'm not sure he/she can hear yet. I tried. =)

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