Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Fun

Yesterday, we went sledding with some friends to a hill near their house.  (Russ and Steph and W and N)  The weather was nice temperature wise...around 0C, but there was a wind that definitely made it a chilly outing, even with snow pants.  We were very excited to try out our new toboggan!  Verdict..very fast and a nice comfortable ride.  Fits 2 kids and an extra long grown up no problem!
 It was a bit of a walk to the hill...lots of unpacked snow made it a nice hard work out for the grown ups.
 I'm wearing my new winter coat...puffy and warm, like a sleeping bag!
 In the evening, we went to Gram and Papa's for New Year's Day dinner...turkey and many yummy sides dishes and great company. Papa brought out some blocks he had bought to stay at their house.  Great blocks...nice and smooth and great variety of shapes.  The girls got right into it!
 Today has been a Take It Easy Day.  Ben is helping Papa with something for St. VDP and the girls and I have played, sewed, read and eaten.  After doing a workout, I was going to do a bit of yoga stretching, and when the girls said they wanted a yoga mat, I gave in and figured I could stretch on the rug.  A little hard to do (too slippery) and so I gave up...and the girls were having so much fun playing on the mats, I couldn't take them away.  They lined up all the my little ponies and penguins.  Not sure exactly why, but I'm sure there was a whole story involved.  Yes, Sam is still wearing her nightgown.  I haven't been too strict about getting dressed in clothes if we are not heading out anywhere.  Must start soon though, get back into the habit before school starts up again.
 Katie is wearing a dress that I just whipped up.  She had picked out the floral fabric ages ago and I ended up adding hot pink lining and bottom strip, just for a bit bolder colour.  It's not really well constructed, especially the last minute addition on the bottom...what, measuring, what's that?...but I don't care...I still love it and so does she.  I may see if I can talk her into some kind of sash though...Im not sure if the waist is exactly where i want it on her.  We'll see...she may never take it off.  =)

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