Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Skaters

Well, before you could blink, things got busy again.  We enjoyed the rest of holidays and then I worked 4 days last week and this week.  Let's get caught up shall we?

We spent a morning at the Science Center over the break.  It was fun, but unfortunately busy...daycamps and families...lots of people.  Even our usual strategy of getting there as close as possible to opening time didn't work.  The most fun thing?  Finding this interactive exhibit in the new environment gallery.  I don't know what these things are's a projector that interacts with you when you walk in the projection.  The object was to jump from ice floe to ice floe while they shrunk...simulating polar bears losing habitat...cute little footprints that you make as you walk over the ice.  Sam could not get enough of this.  (Katie and our friend W liked it too)
 The girls were eating yogurt for bedtime snack...I think they liked it.  (and see how I can play with camera settings on the new camera?...this one shows only pink  Right after this snack, I managed to yank Katie's other top front tooth was definitely ready but needed a wee tug.  She was all excited, until she saw in the mirror...there was a little fleshy bit hanging that (apparently) just needed time to heal...(not trying to be gross, but just in case you ever come across the same is normal) was a little strange and she knew it and was so upset that her school friends were going to laugh.  It receded overnight and was gone by the time she went back to school, so all was fine.

We have SKATERS!  We tried skating on Saturday, at the indoor pond/rink at Millennium place in Sherwood Park and the girls LOVED it.  It may also have been my first time on skates in maybe 20 years.  How crazy is that?  Aside from a little wobble (and getting past the burning pain in my high arches..."I think I remember why I haven't done this in 20 years...") I had fun too.  It felt like such a healthy, Canadian thing to do!
 There are these walker type supports that helped the girls feel comfortable on the ice.
 We had a great family morning.  A nice stranger took a photo for us, aside from having my eyes closed, it's a great photo!
 Millenium has also, since our last visit, added some new areas to their playground, including this Beaver room.  The grey part of the wall is magnetic and the sticks and stones stick right on them.  The animal silhouettes on the tree trunk all have buttons that make the animal noise.  It's really a perfect blend of educational, nature and fun (perfect aside from not really being nature).
 Here's the dam on the other side of the room, and another magnetic wall.  The tree trunk stools and beaver are all very light and can be easily moved around.  Amazing.  Millennium Place really knows how to do things right in my opinion.  (Ben says this is called "money")
 We wanted to get the girls some night lights, as we have been using our bathroom light for this purpose and are tired of it, but to do so, we decided we needed to move Sam's bed.  Instead of her bed being beside Katie's bed, the beds are foot to foot.  It leaves room for the night lights on the open wall now, and while Katie's side of the closet is covered a bit by Sam's headboard, there's still enough room to get things in and out.  Not perfect but a good solution for now.  The girls were so excited, they were jumping up and down and Katie said "This is the BEST DAY EVER!".  (notice the BIG stuffed dogs that were a gift from my Uncle Jerry?...The girls love love love!)
 After the fun we had skating, Ben and I did some quick internet research and found lessons at a nearby indoor rink that started that very week.  We took a deep breath, signed both girls up (it was for ages 3-5 so they are in the same class...super awesome!) and went and bought used skates the very next day.
Lessons are on a weekday at 3:00...perfect time to have down time beforehand and enough time to get ready for dinner afterwards.  
 I was kind of shocked at how quick and organized the program is.  I barely had time to tell an instructor about Sam's diabetes...which isn't a huge deal anyway...I test her before, give her a snack and I'm there the whole time.  It's a half hour lesson, no supports for the kids (how awesome...why didn't I think of this...of course the kids can just DO IT!).  See both Sam and Katie on the right in the picture below.
 This is Katie, looking skaterly, with some other kid from the class.
 There was a little bit of this too...
 And Katie said afterwards that she didn't like it because she hurt from falling so much.  We talked about falling being a part of learning, and the only way to fall less was to practice more.  We've had one other session since and it was great...Katie hardly fell and was happy not to be sore (mothers always know)...both girls have improved so much already...Katie is even getting a bit fast!  It goes for 10 weeks, so I can't even imagine how well they will be skating by March.

Katie (and Sam) received cute dresses from Grandpa Ken and Gram Cheryl's trip to Hawaii...Katie likes the dress just a little bit, don't you think?  =)
We are heading into a busy weekend...Ben is working extra teaching review for grade 12's preparing for Diploma exams tonight, Friday night and all day Sat and Sunday.  It's a bit long but a good opportunity.

In other news...I've been meaning to mention for ages...Auntie Andrea and Uncle Sheldon are expecting a baby in April!!  We are beyond excited and happy for them. I cannot wait to hug and kiss my little niece or nephew and for the girls to have a little cousin.  It's going to be great.  =)

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