Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Still Some Summer Catch Up

Hey There!
We went camping to BC last week and got back on Sunday. I have some great pictures and stories, but think I should blog the pictures from before and get caught up first.

A few weeks ago, Katie had a weird swelling on her ankle all of a sudden...we decided to get it checked at the medi-center. Good thing as it turned out to be a bacteria infection of some kind. She was prescribed antibiotics for 10 days. It cleared up sooner than that though. Good instincts.
Dad and the girls reading.
We've been playing with sidewalk chalk a lot...especially loving our 3-D chalk set. I tried taking a picture through the special glasses, but it doesn't work.
The girls and I visiting Grandpa Ken at ChaptersStarbucks.
At a park...
Sam's hair is getting longer isn't it?!Katie at the playground.The girls helping me shell peas. "Helping" rather. (Hope that's a proper use of quotation marks!)Katie draws nice looking people now! (The ones she used to draw looked really mean!)(haha)We bought goggles for swimming...they're so cheap I doubt the actually work properly, so I'm kind of glad that the girls don't want to swim in them but prefer to wear them in the house. There's still more to catch up on, PLUS photos from our camping trip. Yikes. I'll work on it.

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