Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Katie is right...Unflavoured Pedialyte DOES taste a bit like throw-up...I checked, and then promptly threw it out.  (when did we buy that?  Why did they stick a blue wrapper on the bottle that made me think it was blueberry or something...ick)

Katie is home sick today with a stomach bug.  She is missing school and a playdate at a friend's house this afternoon.  She is too sick to be upset about it though.  Poor thing.

We watched a bunch of TV this morning (sick days!), read a bit of a book and she is napping now.

Sam is creating something elaborate in her bed...piling up blankets, a coffee table for a desk, and anything she can find that lights up as a night light.  Keeping busy and Katie is oblivious.

I have cleaned the bathroom, done 5 loads of laundry, am making bread and tidying up the kitchen before I start making stew.  (of course, katie will eat none of it)

Good news?  I finally see some sunshine out the window after a few days of gloom.  Nice.

Also, I should brag that we had another checkup for Sam at the diabetes clinic last Friday and her new A1C (3 month average blood sugar) is 7.8.  This is down from 8.3 in October and 10.something before the pump in August.  Recommended number for children under 5 years is lower than 8.5.  Yippee!

Enjoy your sunshine!

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