Thursday, May 3, 2012

Things you need to know

Katie lost her tooth today! Right after dinner. I gave her an apple to eat for dessert, kind of knowing that it might start something. The tooth was definitely looser after a few bites, even though she was trying to chew on the other side. It started bleeding a little and so I tried to pull it out and it didn't come. I figured, oh well, not tonight. A few bites later she came over (i as running around getting stuff ready for Sam's first night of soccer) and it was super loose so I tried to pull again and it came right out! A little bite on a tissue and the blood stopped. She was thrilled and jumping and we were all excited but trying to find Sam's shin guards at the same time.

So, yes, soccer has begun! We have three nights a week...Katie plays Mondays and Wednesdays and Sam has Thursdays. Katie has a little practice and then plays an actual little game against another team. (no rules, kids just take turns chasing the ball and scoring). Sam, who has Ben as coach this year, plays all sorts of little games, like What Time is It Mister Wolf. I have very few pictures to share, since they all have other kids in them and I don't think I should post them. (in that last picture, I had just taught Katie to roll down the hill. I thought I would get some downtime and watch the game, but she wanted to play all sorts of running up and down the hill and running letter shapes on the grass and guessing what they were.)

The downside of soccer (besides being a tad busier than we are really used to) is that the weather has been quite chilly. I even wore a toque on Wednesday. The girls seem ok in shorts for the most part. Tonight, I couldn't find Sam's socks and let her play in tights...probably warmer that way!

Katie's birthday weekend was superb. We ended up having nice enough weather to be outside with all the kids and parents and it was lovely. No bugs this time of year. Her after school party, which I decided to do since adding school kids to the house party is crazy, got bumped from Friday (due to SNOW) to Monday and the weather was just nice enough. I made mini coconut flour muffin/cupcakes and everyone brought picnic lunch. Played with the stomp rocket, a new ring toss game, hula hoops and a couple of fun kites that someone brought. Overall, easy, fun and done by 12:30. Not all kids stayed, of course, as some have to go right home but there were enough people to make it seem like a really fun little party.

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