Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Sam!

Happy Birthday Sam!
Today you turn three.  You are such a big girl now!  You have been super strong these past few days and most of the blog doesn't even know why.  (this has nothing to do with my lack of blogging...this is pure laziness, dishes, reading and knitting.  Sorry about that!)

We took you to the hospital emergency room on Sunday evening. You'd been feeling sick all weekend...sick like napping on and off all day and really really tired.  And you'd been drinking a ton of water (over the past two weeks) and peeing a lot...while i thought you were doing an exceptional job of keeping hydrated, we know know that you were starting to show us signs that you have diabetes.  Auntie Gail helped us see on Sunday evening that we had to take you to see a Dr. and i'm eternally grateful because she may well have saved your life...with one prick of a finger, you were diagnosed, given awesome care and now our lives will be a little different forever.

Your dad and I cried a lot while you were recovering, hooked up to tubes of saline and insulin and sleeping.  It hurt so much to think that you were so sick.  As soon as your sugars and other levels got a bit better the next morning and you could have actual food and water again...we knew everything was going to be ok.  You were quietly smiling and talking that Monday evening, the very next day from when we brought you in.  We got to take you home almost 24 hours after we came in...pretty amazing.

We were at education sessions today (and the rest of the week) and Gram and Papa and Gram and Grandpa and Auntie Andrea were there too, all learning about how we can help you be the best Sam you can be with the help of insulin and controlled diet.  Katie, who missed you sooo much and cried because she was sad, was with GG Lill (and had stayed over the night before at Gram and Papa's and the night before that Gram Cheryl had stayed over at our house with her).  I'm overwhelmed with information but also grateful...

Grateful for:

The love of our family and friends,

the knowledge and skills that we all bring to the table (biology, math, coping, positivity, creativity, organization etc),

our already strong focus on healthy eating that may make these nutrition changes for our diet a little less difficult and the opportunity to learn even more about healthy eating,

the digital scale that I bought with Christmas money,

realizing now now we dont have to find a place in the cupboard for the scale because it will live on the counter,

the health care system...we have dietitians, nutritionists, social workers and doctors all working hard long hours for us so that we can become diabetes experts ourselves,

and probably many other things that i just don't know about yet. 

Sam...this will all become normal soon.  You will still be you...feisty, outspoken, funny, friendly, kind and polite (you're probably about the only 3 yr old who the nurses have heard say "no thank you" when they were coming at her with a needle)(true, it was kind of screamed/yelled through tears, but very polite)

I wish I had more time and brain power to write more about the other amazing things you have been doing as you grow lately, but I'm exhausted and still have to get meals and things ready for tomorrows session.  I'll make sure to bring lots of activities since Katie is coming tomorrow too and I'm sure you'll want to colour, play dolls or stickers together.  

We can't believe you are already three...be happy, the dietitians said they can work the Strawberry Shortcake ice cream cake into your meal plan for your birthday party on Saturday.  Wouldn't be a birthday without cake.  =)

We love you!

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